Theme: Successful adaptation in a new workplace
Exercise: Understanding and Adapting to a New Organisational Culture
Developed by: Merseyside Expanding Horizons, United Kingdom
Based on: ‘Understanding and Adapting to a New Organizational Culture’, Anita Attridge, The Five O'Clock Club http://www.anitaattridge.com. Published by American Management Association at www.amanet.org.
Aim: To understand what organisational culture is, and why is it important.
Expected duration: 15 minutes
Description: Simply defined, organisational culture is “the set of written and unwritten rules by which people function to get their work done.” This exercise provides some background information on what to look for in relation to organisational culture and sets out a series of questions to help you understand the culture of your workplace.
You should read each statement and sign if you agree with it or not.
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