Theme: Career and Professional Development
Exercise: Building My Networking Skills
Developed by: VentureQuest Ltd. LLC, USA.
Aim: To identify and develop key networking skills to further your career development.
Expected duration: 15 minutes.
Description: Networking is meeting people for the purpose of gathering information and resources to build, develop, and nurture professional relationships. Successfully networking can be a very effective way to further your career. Use it to help you achieve your goals, meet new people, and discover new career opportunities. Developing good networking skills can help you climb the career ladder faster.

Networking focuses on building meaningful relationship rather than using friends to find new job opportunities. Good networkers work hard to get their name known by attending scheduled networking events to find people who could refer them to new job opportunities. When attending a networking event, search for people who could help you achieve your professional goals.

During your initial conversation with a new person focus first on understanding their needs, then explain what you are looking, and lastly ask for their contact information. The objective of networking is to identify commonalities and needs of the other person first. It is critical to follow up on your promises and continue to nurture your networking relationship.

This exercise will help you become a better networker.
Read each statement and select whether each statement is true or false.
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