Thema: Successful job interview
Video-basierte Aufgabe: Dress to impress your interviewer
Quelle: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=alavHk9XlYk
Sprache: English
Ziel: To give you some tips how to dress for a job interview
Bearbeitungsdauer: 10 minutes.
Beschreibung: This exercise is for your self-learning and self-reflection and it is based on the video. It is very important to dress properly if you want to impress your potential employer and to make your job interview successful. This video gives some tips how you should get dressed as well what you should never wear to a job interview.
Attention! If you don't succeed to open this video it means that it has been removed from YouTube. We are really sorry. Please, find a similar video using the keywords such as, dress to impress your interviewer, job interview outfits, what to wear for a job interview, dressing for a job interview.
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