Thema: Successful job interview
Video-basierte Aufgabe: Questions to ask during the job interview
Quelle: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mJXfztOfrVw
Sprache: English
Ziel: To help you to prepare for a job interview.
Bearbeitungsdauer: 15 minutes.
Beschreibung: This exercise is designed for your self-learning and self-reflection and it is based on the video.

It is important to prepare the answers to the potential job interview questions. But also it is not less important to think about the possible questions you could ask the employer during the job interview. After watching this video, you will know which three main questions you should ask your interviewer. Answers to these questions could help you to get some important information about this workplace.
Attention! If you don't succeed to open this video it means that it has been removed from YouTube. We are really sorry. Please, find a similar video using the keywords such as questions to ask during the job interview, questions to ask your potential employer.
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