Theme: Successful job interview
Video-based exercise: Job interview mistakes - bad interview answers
Sources: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=26ovia1xACA
Video language: English
Aim: To help you to prepare for a job interview and to avoid mistakes.
Expected duration: 20 minutes.
Description: This exercise is designed for your self-learning and self-reflection and it is based on the video. During this exercise we suggest you to watch 4 videos where the candidates are trying to answer the most typical job interview questions, such as: 'Why do you want to work here?'; 'Why should we hire you?'; 'Tell about your weaknesses'; 'Tell us about yourself'. In these videos you can see examples of wrong answers that are given by the candidates during the job interviews. The videos also give the tips on how to answer the questions. As well there are comments related to the answers, the body language and the attitudes of the candidates you can also observe the impression the employer gets from these answers and at the same time assess your own impression.
Attention! If you don't succeed to open this video it means that it has been removed from YouTube. We are really sorry. Please, find a similar video using the keywords such as questions to ask during the job interview, questions to ask your potential employer.
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