Tema: Successful adaptation at a new workplace
Vaizdo pratimas: How to Fit in on Your First Day of Work
Šaltinis: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FVUvQZdBn5I
Kalba: English
Tikslas: To give you some tips how to behave in order to adapt successfully in a new workplace
Numatoma trukmė: 10 minutes.
Aprašymas: We advise you to do this exercise after you have watched the video 'How to fit in on your first day of work'. The exercise will help you to prepare for the first day on your new job. This video presents some useful tips to successfully adapt at a new workplace. At the same time the video shows the mistakes that are often made by employees on the first day of their job. The video summarizes how to make a good impression on the employer, how to present yourself in the workplace, how to communicate with your new colleagues. Recommendations are given how to avoid typical mistakes.
Attention! If you don't succeed to open this video it means that it has been removed from YouTube. We are really sorry. Please, find a similar video using the keywords such as first day at work, successful adaptation in a new workplace, how to act on your first day.
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