Theme: Active job seeking skills
Exercise: Test for evaluating your job search activity
There is a list of statements about job search tools below. Please read each statement and think if you agree with it or not. Think about your behavior in a last few months. Mark the answer that fits you the most.
No. Statement Yes No
1. I set goals for getting a good job.
2. I plan how to achieve my goals.
3. I apply for lots of jobs whilst seeking employment.
4. I am reading job advertisements constantly.
5. I am sending my CV reacting on job applications.
6. I actively contact employers myself.
7. I am registered to an employment office for job search.
8. I additionally apply to private recruitment agencies.
9. I advertised my CV to specialized websites myself.
10. I am sending my CV to organizations which I find myself.
11. I always go to the job interview with a potential employer if I am invited.
12. I tell people I know that I am searching for a job.
13. I read articles and other specific information about job search methods.
14. I go to specialized courses on job search.

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